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Our New City “Taco in a Bag” fundraiser is fast approaching, and we need your help! 

What is Taco-in-a-bag?

New City Church runs a food booth

at the Winkler Harvest Festival on Aug 11-13, where we serve Taco-In-A-Bag. It's been one of our biggest fundraisers!! 

How can you help?

There are a few area's that you can help make Taco-in-a-bag 2023 a success!

To make this event a reality, we need your support.

The initial cost to purchase the supplies needed to run the Taco-in-a-bag food booth is approx $6,000. The good news is that we generate around $14,000 through our sales, resulting in an $8,000 profit. While this profit is substantial, our current financial situation as a church leaves us unable to cover the initial expenses.

That's where you come in. We ask you to consider contributing towards the cost of Taco-in-a-bag. Our goal is to raise $6000 to cover the cost of the supplies. 

Your donation, no matter the amount, will make a significant impact. We appreciate your consideration and support in making Taco-in-a-bag a resounding success. Thank you for your generosity and being an essential part of our church family.

Purpose for Funds


Ways to give:

When giving through e-transfer, mention "taco-in-a-bag 2023" and select "taco-in-a-bag 2023" if giving online.

Volunteer in the food booth

*Taco in a Bag is a fast-paced environment, but with a short tutorial, anyone can do this!


Job descriptions could include:
•calling out orders
•handling cash/debit transactions
•scooping taco meat
•adding cheese/salsa/sour cream
•serving customers
•grabbing drinks from the coolers
•restocking ingredients/drinks
•singing along to the festival karaoke tunes 😅

For scheduling purposes, please fill out the form below; this will give us an idea of when you’re available, and someone will contact you for more details.

Volunteer spots have been filled. THANK YOU!!

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