Sheep, Coins, & Sons- April 26

1. Have you experienced a time in life where you were lost?
Was it sheep lost, coin lost or son lost?

2. Have you experienced a time in life where you were found? How did in contrast in comparison to being lost?

3. Name some things in the prodigal Son story that stuck out to you.

4. The son came to his senses when he accepted responsibility of his actions and realized how far he had strayed from the life he had as a son.
Upon evaluation is there any unrepentant choices in your life that may need to be confessed to have a change of direction?

5. How have you experienced the Fathers celebration upon your turning back to him? Describe to your group what grace feels like.

6. Do you currently personally have someone dear to you that you believe is lost like the son? Have the group agree with you in prayer for them.


Even Now - April 12

1. Read John 11:45-54.
Why did Lazarus' resurrection cause the plot to kill Jesus?


2. Read John 11:5-6
Have you ever experienced Gods love through his delay?

3. What "If Only's" have you seen diminish faith?

4. What "Even Now's" are you declaring in your life?

5. What is possibly being held on to that should be let go of, so God can do more through death than keeping it alive?