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House Church - Semester One

 January 28 - March 31  (8 House Church Sessions)

We are excited to start Semester 1 of our House Church groups!

In Semester 1, you will be with the same House Church group for eight house church sessions from Jan 28 to Mar 31.

Please register by Jan 25, even if you can't attend every house church session in Semester 1. Once groups are set, you will communicate with your House Church group if you can't attend every House Church session. Once you sign up for semester 1 you will not need to register for house church until semester 2.

You will receive more details (exact location) upon completion of registration close to the house church date. 

House Church is a time of connection where we take part in a video-led bible study conversation. Each house will have a designated leader who will encourage the group in free-flow conversation and prayer. There will also be a time for connection at the end.

Upcoming semesters 

Semester 2 : April 7 - June 30 ( 12 House Church Sessions)

SUMMER (we will take a break from semesters)

Semester 3 : September 8 -  December 15 (12 House Church Sessions)

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